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Our Mental Health Disorder Treatment specialties, at our New Haven, CT a residential center specializes in Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, & Self Harm Recovery.

Mental Health Treatment Team | East Bay, CA

Amy Brown, MA

National Director of Operations
Mental Health

After completing her Master's degree in Psychology at Pepperdine University, Amy Brown began working to help individuals and families find healing and hope. Ms. Brown came to Discovery's Resilience with extensive experience managing various eating disorder programs as well as behavioral health facilities. Under Ms. Brown's leadership, Discovery's Resilience's substance abuse and mental health programs have flourished and Ms. Brown now oversees numerous mental health and substance abuse programs throughout southern California. Ms. Brown feels very deeply about the contribution she is making to improve the quality of life for adolescents and their families. One of the things that attracted Ms. Brown to Discovery's Resilience was the shared commitment to providing the best quality of care to each patient and his or her family.

Nichomi Higgins, MFT

Assistant Director of Operations

Nichomi Higgins is the Program Director and Primary therapist at Center for Discovery La Habra. Generally speaking, Nichomi’s education and experience working in both eating disorder treatment, community counseling and domestic violence and abuse has been an integral part of her work as a marriage and family therapist. As a result she considers herself to be an attentive, culturally sensitive and empathic clinician, who is dedicated to considering all of the biopsychosocial factors that may impact a client and family’s emotional and interpersonal wellbeing. Nichomi is truly passionate about her work and believes that despite its challenges, recovery is possible.

Nichomi earned her Master of Science degree in family therapy from Mercer University’s School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA and considers herself a Georgia peach at heart! Her professional areas of interests include: eating disorder treatment and the process of achieving recovery, identity negotiation/development, grief and loss, family communication patterns as well as struggles concerning faith and spirituality.

Cathryn Waters, LMFT

Program Director

Cathryn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 17 years of experience. She has had a broad range of experience working in residential and outpatient work with adolescents and adults with acute and chronic illness.  In addition, she has supported and managed large team in administrative, clinical and quality improvement capacities, providing her with skills in program development, milieu management, utilization review, multidisciplinary involvement, depth work and a deep appreciation for levity and humor.  Cathryn graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at San Francisco State University where she also earned Summa Cum Laude for her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a secondary degree in Liberal Studies.  While at Center for Discovery, Cathryn has shared her love of cooking, inspirations, and firm belief in genuine connection to build a caring, nurturing, fun and creative environment.  She strives to help families develop a greater understanding of supports that are available to them and to facilitate relationship growth with and between the relationship of the residential clients and their families.  Cathryn works with practice based evidence, dynamically informed care to provide each individual with the tools they believe will work for them to build on strengths, develop communication, foster feedback, improve connections and support safe and healthy engagement in the world.  As a Bay Area native and one who takes pride in hosting, Cathryn shares a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to serve individuals within her community. Her vision for the program is to create an inviting space that supports teens in opening the door to the magical universe within where we can support individual growth, trust, recovery, shields, and be ready to return to the real world renewed, and with a greater sense of connection to one’s own life purpose and goals.

Stacy Lombardo

Facility Manager

Stacy Lombardo is our Facility Manager and all around staff extraordinaire!  She completed her Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Palo Alto University. Stacy started her behavioral health career as an ABA (behavioral) therapist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder where she developed creative, supportive and structured interventions for helping manage, execute and support behavioral change while demonstrating patience, care and kindness. She began her career at Center for Discovery as a part-time counselor. However, in her first five months with Center for Discovery, she demonstrated her excellence and skills beyond those of a part-time staff and was quickly promoted to full-time counselor and our education liaison.  Stacy's attentive and consistent collaboration with clients, staff, parents and education professionals ensured scholastic plans were complete, communicated with parents and demonstrated balance between the administrative responsibilities and supportive counseling to clients.  In less than 1 year with Center for Discovery, her charisma, dedication, organizational skills, dependability and leadership earned her a promotion to become the Facility Manager.  She continues to demonstrate flexibility, tenacity and professionalism in her role as facility manager. She is known for her empathetic, humorous and energetic personality and honest insights. 

Natalie Chan, MFTI

Primary Therapist

Natalie is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern who has diverse experience working with both adolescents and adults in residential, outpatient, and school settings. She began her career as a therapist for a 30 day intensive residential program for adult males with co-occurring disorders and provided behavioral health counseling to youth at Daly City Youth Health Center.  Natalie graduated from San Francisco State University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, specializing in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, as well as Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling.  This was a furtherance of her education after earning a dual Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in both Art Practice and the History of Art.
Natalie’s passion as an artist distinguishes her in her work, supporting a culture of creativity, innovation and fun.  She encourages and supports individuals and families in promoting growth and change in a playful and warm atmosphere.  Natalie has developed from her role as a Counselor III into that of a Primary Therapist and developed our Multi-Family Group Program with skills, grace and humility.  From therapeutic tennis to rock painting to crocheting, her talents delight both the staff and the clients and their families.  Therapeutically, Natalie strives to develop and apply a multi modal practice that engages clients beyond the limits of talk therapy by encouraging clients to tap into their creative nature and discover deep and meaningful insights into their own personal strengths, values, and personal needs.  It is from this place that she fosters a stronger level of understanding and compassion between clients and their loved ones, the foundation for recovery and resilience. Natalie’s hope for all clients who step through the doors at Center for Discovery is for them to recognize, gain appreciation for, and to find the strength to be able to share the authentic and original gifts that they have to offer this world.

Dr. Indra P. Singh, MD